Friday, December 28, 2001

Lord of the Rings Drinking Game
Go see the film - it's ace. Take a bottle of vodka or, I don't know, MD 20/20 in with you. Have a drink every time
  • a hobbit does something really stupid that could ruin everything
  • someone remembers the echoey words of someone wise (two drinks if it's Gandalf)
  • the camera plummets from some mind-numbing height into stygian depths lit only with a baleful flickering glow
  • someone says something, then shouts it very loud (two drinks if it's "Run. Run!!!")
  • someone rides a horse in slow-motion
  • there is an absolutely huge set of steps
There are probably a lot better ones that I can't think of right now. Still an excellent film, though. Definitely going to see it again, despite the dodgy dialogue..

Saturday, December 22, 2001

Thought of the Day
Fact: Scientists at New York's Pace University have found "no scientific evidence" of the existence of the so-called G-spot.

Conclusion: This is more information than I needed to know about the sex lives of scientists at New York's Pace University.

Conclusion 2: I have at last reached the bottom of the barrel.

Monday, December 17, 2001

"brilliantly realised, an exotic, hyper-real English countryside"
"a quite thrilling spectacle, densely textured, handsomely played and surprisingly light on its feet"
"a piece of wonderment beyond anything crafted for the cinema in a long time"
"made by a genius masquerading as a normal human being"

Admittedly these journalists are referring to the Lord of the Rings film. But, had they seen it, I'm sure they would be saying the same things about Giant Bee.
Ever made up an incredibly clever password for a site? Something no-one would ever guess? Then forgotten it completely? Er, no. Me neither. Would never do anything that stupid.